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Conny Schumacher
Alfred-Schmidt-Strasse 15
D-81379 Munich


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Conny Schumacher
Founder and 1st director of ISAYA'S EYES

Fotocredit: Anna M. Tränker, Hamburg

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Author: Conny Schumacher, Munich

"Isaya's Eyes" is a novel for women who struggle with the ubiquitous promises of an "ideal world". This partly autobiographical, mystical-imaginative and exciting story answers urgent questions about life and our system in an entertaining way. It opens the reader's eyes to the true beauty of life and finally reveals the secret of how we can be happy from the bottom of our hearts."
Genre: Autofictional Narrative/Magic Realism
Topic: Self-discovery/self-help/life compass/coaching
Languages: German and English
Published as paperback and e-book on October 12, 2022 by Amazon KPD
Order: via and

Successful. Good looking. spoiled by life. At 28, Silvie really has everything she could wish for - and now she's getting an incredible job offer! But the dream job turns into a nightmare that pulls the rug out from under her feet. Deeply unsettled, she wonders what is wrong with her. Why can't she be thankful and happy? When she tries so hard to do everything right?

In search of answers she meets the turtle ISAYA. Isaya is 134 years old, cheeky, deeply relaxed and experienced in life. She "coaches" Silvie on her stormy journey to herself and shows her to see the world through different eyes - through ISAYA's eyes. In this way, Silvie learns to understand the deep wisdom and the true beauty of life - and ultimately to find THIS in herself what really makes her happy.

"Isaya's Eyes" was written for all those who feel the longing to turn over a new leaf, sometimes question themselves about the meaning of life - or are simply looking for a wonderful story with a feel-good factor.

The special feature: The author founded the charity organization "ISAYA`S EYES", which finances an education for women in developing and emerging countries in order to give them the chance of a free and self-determined life. 10% of their net income goes to the association as a donation.

Further information on the author and the association can be found at: and on

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