Our Mission

Registered in Austria, the non-profit “Isaya’s Eyes” finances a coaching education for women from developing or emerging nations, giving them the opportunity to break free from social restrictions and create a new life for themselves and others.

We have chosen the Aliveness Mastery Program (Austin/Texas, USA), founded by Gigi and Makena Sage, as our training partner. This program offers a well-balanced and compete coaching education that is internation­ally certified. It not only offers the opportunity to learn and master the skills of coaching, but also provides complete business coaching and support enabling women to begin earning money immediately.


Why Coaching?

Coaching is still unknown in many countries, however there are people across the globe who desire to make a better life for themselves. The need for well-trained and experienced coaches is huge.
It’s time for more people to stand up and WALK THE TALK.  Coaching is a future growth market across the world.

How can a woman get a scholarship?

We have scouts in India, Afghanistan, Tanzania, and Senegal looking for ideal candidates.

The program is in English, so participants must be able to speak and understand English. You must have reliable access to the internet. A laptop can be provided. Most importantly, you must be determined, and committed to improving your life. Personality and loyalty are also key criteria in the selection process.

In the near future we hope to be able to have interested women apply directly to the program. Qualified candidates then undergo a selection process which is performed by the partner insti-tute located in the USA. Once a candidate commits, the funds will be transferred.


The grant does not need to be repaid; however, a candidate must commit to two honor code items:

1. She agrees to support the foundation on a voluntary basis during and after completion of your education.

2. She agrees to mentor and financially support the education of two further women once she herself has achieved stability has been achieved.

Our biggest goal is to create a world-wide network of women supporting each other to make the world a better place.




Who are WE?

Conny Schumacher

Conny Schumacher

Founder and Executive Director of Isaya’s Eyes

International Speaker, Management Trainer, Author, and Coach.

Henrike Dorndecker

Henrike Dorndecker

Board of Directors Member and Deputy Director

Owner of „The Feminine Success”, Coach for High Performance WomenZuständigkeiten.