The ISAYA´S EYES Foundation´s goal is to finance an education for women in developing countries, giving them the chance of a free, self-determined life.  Knowledge is power—so imparting knowledge enables others to improve their lives.

The novel “Isaya’s Eyes” is one of the main sources of financing for the foundation. The story tells the tale of Silvia, a successful, strong, goal-oriented young women who is nearly broken by the expectations of our modern society. In her desperate search for answers, she stumbles across Isaya, an old, and wise, turtle who takes her on the journey of a lifetime...a stormy journey into the depths of her soul.

Not only does the book serve as a source of financial revenue, but it also serves as a marketing tool to get the word out about the foundation.

Isaya is, of course, the mascot for our mission.

Our Mission

Registered in Austria, the non-profit “Isaya’s Eyes” finances a coaching education for women from developing or emerging nations, giving them the opportunity to break free from social restrictions and create a new life for themselves and others.



We have scouts in India, Afghanistan, Tanzania, and Senegal looking for ideal candidates.

The program is in English, so all participants must be able to speak and understand fluent English. You need to have reliable access to the internet. A laptop can be provided. Most importantly, you must be determined, and committed to improving your life. Personality and loyalty are also key criteria in the selection process.


Support us


If you want to support our efforts please donate today. We accept direct deposit. Take a look at our fun collector items for purchase, all with our Isaya logo.




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Order the original, ”Isaya's Eyes" in print as paperback or as Kindle version. Remember at least 10% of the sales revenues go directly to the foundation.



Our Partners

Gigi & Makena Sage, founders of the Aliveness Mastery®

The Aliveness Mastery® method is a coaching and communication method that was developed over more than 36 years by the international coach and author Gigi Sage. Together with her daughter Makena Sage, she has developed these techniques into a highly effective coaching education.



Federkiel & Partner

Daniela Schreyer & Thomas Federkiel: „Let´s be friends“

As an online marketing agency for demanding medium-sized companies, Federkiel & Friends from Upper Bavaria support companies in winning and inspiring customers via digital channels.