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Successful, attractive, spoiled by life. At age 28, Silvie has it all – and now the opportunity of a lifetime awaits: her dream job. But when the dream job turns into a nightmare, Silvie is thrown. Plagued by insecurity and self-doubt, she spirals, questioning everything she ever believed to be true about herself and her life. Where did she go wrong? Why can’t she be more thankful for what she has? Why isn’t ‘good enough’ good enough anymore?

On her rocky path to discovery, Silvie stumbles upon Isaya, a 134-year-old turtle. Isaya is magical, smart, sassy, wise and relaxed. Her mission? Help Silvie find her way to her true self. Through coaching and by sharing her wisdom, Isaya helps Silvie navigate the rough waters ahead. This wise turtle teaches Silvie to see the world from a different perspective, through a different set of eyes thereby helping Silvie find what makes her truly happy.

Isaya’s Eyes was written for anyone who feels a pull towards a new life; anyone seeking answers or new perspectives, and anyone who’s simply looking for a fun, feel-good story.

10% of the proceeds from this book will go to the “Isaya´s Eyes Foundation.” This Charity-Organisation was founded by the Author and wants to support women in underserved areas of the globe by providing them with the resources to build self-sufficient lives.

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